Your Questions

You can contact us any time, if there are further questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

[email protected]

Phone 0422 881 426

Why choose annawombat tours sydney?

With us you will see more in 3.5 hours than you would normally see in a few days. We provide you with unique stories and lots of details relative to the various sights.

We pride ourselves on being a small Australian family business, providing the best possible service to our visitors. Being a smaller type company we can offer more flexiblity.

Is the bike tour safe?

Our tour avoids busy roads. Instead we take advantage of our knowledge of  the quieter back streets, harbourside pathways and park routes.  We are very famliar with the route and therefore very confident for your safety. If you know how to ride a bike, there will be no problems.

Am I fit enough for this bike tour?

Anybody can enjoy our bike tour and your fitness level doesn’t matter. We are riding our bikes in a very relaxed way. We want to discover Sydney itself  and not rush through it. Most of the route is flat and easy to cycle along. However as we do want to travel over the Harbour Bridge we need to to get up that hill! But don’t worry, as we don’t like hard work ourselves we are happy to push our bikes.

What’s the bike like?

The bikes we provide are European style city bikes with at least 7 gears. They are very comfortable and easy to ride and suit people between 155 to 180 cm. Please let us know prior to the tour if you are outside these measurements.

What if it rains?

The tours operate rain or shine. Rain ponchos are available in wet weather.

Tours are only cancelled if it’s bucketing down. That being the case, we would contact you via details provided on our booking form (hotel name or emaill). We would then reschedule the tour or give a full refund.

Should I make a reservation?

As our groups are small we highly recommend a reservation. This is the only guarantee that there is a spot for you on the desired day.

However there is always a possiblity for last minute bookings. Just give us a call (0422881426) at least 1.5 hours before the tour starts.

  Where is the meeting point?We meet between 169 and 171  William Street. Darlinghurst. There is a little public place where the bike tour will start from.          

Can I change the date of my prebooked tour?

There is no problem in changing as date, as long a you give us reasonable notice of at least  2 days.

Just contact us on [email protected]

What if I have a problem with my bike on the tour?

Our bikes are in good shape and quite reliable. However our guides have repair kits and will solve most problems.

Should the bike be damaged beyond repair, we will issue a refund of the paid amount or book you into another tour.

Do you have a place to store valuables while I am on the tour?

Unfortunately we don’t have a save storage facility! However we can supply a basket for your bike so you can keep your valuables with you at all times.